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Spiritual Care

Family Hospice and Palliative Care respects the spiritual beliefs, faith traditions, and practices of all individuals. Our spiritual care counselors are integral members of the interdisciplinary care team and may provide direct spiritual support and comfort, or may act as a liaison with a person's community clergy. As requested, our spiritual care staff counsels individuals, offering guidance and presence in the search for meaning, comfort, strength and hope. As a member of the hospice team, spiritual care counselors are available to offer individuals and their loved ones the opportunity to reflect on personal beliefs, relationships, and life choices. At the request of patients and families, Family Hospice spiritual care specialists will:

  • Offer prayer and counseling with patients and loved ones
  • Explore unresolved issues and concerns related to patient/family spirituality
  • Offer help in coping with common feelings, such as loneliness, anger, fear, and the nature of the unknown
  • Help contact the patient's own clergy, if desired
  • Facilitate receiving church sacraments

The Family Hospice Spiritual Care staff offers memorial services throughout the year for families and friends of those who have passed away.