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News Related to Hospice and Palliative Care

"Luminous at the end"

This piece appeared in Christian Century and is an excellent read about an end-of-life experience from a spiritual perspective.


"I am a Bigamist"

Here's a perspective on grieving not often addressed -- re-marrying following the death of a spouse from The New York Times.


End-of-life counsel from doctors seen as lacking

Researchers find that no other factor — not age, race, gender, or where patients lived — plays nearly as significant a role as doctors when it comes to who enrolls in hospice care. Read more in this piece from The Boston Globe.


On Hospice Volunteering

Read this piece from The New York Times if you are curious about hospice volunteering.


What are your goals for care?

A doctor discovers an important question patients should be asked in this piece from The Washington Post.


On Receiving a a Terminal Diagnosis

"It's up to me now to choose how to live out the months that remain to me," says neurologist Oliver Sacks in the wake of being diagnosed with an unyielding cancer. Read his opinion piece published in The New York Times.


What is Hospice? And When Do I Need it?

Clearly expressed and thorough information for decision makers from The Washington Post.


Grief in the Classroom

From NPR.org, good information for educators trying to support children who have suffered a loss. The piece includes this resource for teachers: qrievingstudents.scholastic.com.


The Healthy Attitudes Towards Life That Illness and Death Can Bring

From Susan Richardson's blog, Human at Work, a piece that will resonate with peers in the field of hospice and palliative medicine. View here.


Better Health Care Can Also Cost Less

From the Denton Record Chronicle, "Bringing order medically, socially and emotionally to the home may prevent return trips to the hospital that are very expensive but also expose patients to new risks."  Read more.


Being Prepared for the Final Days

Here's an excellent story on the importance of advanced directives, from CBS News Sunday Morning; and how one American town takes end-of-line planning very seriously. Watch the story now.


Wounded by the Language of War

From newyorktimes.com's blog The New Old Age, an astutely expressed piece for fellow professionals and caregivers on how we talk about death and dying.


From a dying patient, perspective on palliative care

From the Boston Globe, the message is "that it's possible, until the very end of our lives, to live."


Palliative Chemo Can Make It More Likely You'll Die In The ICU

Newly published research examines the merits of palliative chemotherapy,
as reported in this story from NPR.


Introducing hospice into the care of persons with Alzheimer's

From the Huffington Post, a succinct but complete blog discussion of when and why hospice should be incorporated into the care of a loved one living with Alzheimer's disease.


Defibrillators and Pacemakers at End of Life

From the New York Times' New Old Age Blog, an important considerations for cardiac patients and their caregivers.


Timing and Acceptance

From Boston's WBUR, a daughter discusses moving from knowledge about hospice to implementation in the care of her mother.


How Palliative Care Helps: One Iowa Family's Journey

An elderly couple's meaningful relationship with their palliative care physician, as profiled by Kaiser Health News.


When Palliative Care is the Best Care

A look at the increasing need for palliative care programs, in this story from Kaiser Health News.


Representing the Elderly Client

Seniors in need of legal aid can turn to students at the Elder Law Clinic at the University of Pittsburgh, according to this story in the The Pittsburgh Post-Gazette.


Where's That Advanced Care Directive?

An important practical consideration related to advanced care directives from the New York Times' The New Old Age blog.  Read here.


The Ultimate End-of-Life Plan

A daughter chronicles her mother's end-of-lfe journey in this piece from the Wall Street Journal.  The article includes excellent historical perspective and current data related to end of life. 


Graduation Daze

Reflections from Dr. Scott Miller, team physician at Family Hospice's Inpatient Center -  Mt. Lebanon. Courtesy of the Allegheny County Medical Society Bulletin. (Aug. 2013 issue).
Read the column.


View from the Field

Learn about When Chronic Conditions Become Terminal in a blog from the Huffington Post.


End-of-life planning improves quality of life for dying patients, reduces stress for families.

This article from the Ottawa Citizen explains that taking the time for an important conversation makes all the difference.

Preparing for a Loved One to Die at Home comes from The New York Times' "The New Old Age" blog and includes information about equipment and resources to assist in caregiving at home


How Not to Die

From The Atlantic, a video project undertaken by physician and professor Angelo Volande to expand discussion around end-of-life options Read the article



Reflections from Dr. Scott Miller, team physician at Family Hospice's Inpatient Center - Mt. Lebanon. Courtesy of the Allegheny County Medical Society Bulletin. (Feb. 2013 issue) Read the column


Learning the Right Lessons from Hospice

From Forbes.com, an argument for why Medicare should be looking to expand the hospice model of care


An Educational Perspective on End-of-Life Decision Making

Watch this story from NBC's Rock Center with Brian Williams.


Cancer Docs Often Delay Referrals to Hospice Care

This story from Yahoo News cites a study by the Journal of Clinical Oncology.


Visitation Rites

Reflections from Dr. Scott Miller, team physician at Family Hospice's Inpatient Center - Mt. Lebanon. Courtesy of the Allegheny County Medical Society Bulletin. (August 2012 issue) Read the column


An ICU Nurse on Her Mother's End-of-Life Wishes

View this video from the Stanford School of Medicine on recognizing and accepting a loved one's needs at end-of-life.


Better Preparation Could Improve Quality of Death - and Life - for Terminal Patients

Read this story about the importance of patient preferences, from Scientific American.


Minorities Less Likely to Use Hospice Care

US News and World Report's website features a study indicating end-of-life care is underutilized by minorities. Learn about Family Hospice's Transitions hospice program for African-American families.


Checklist Approach to be Tested in End-of-Life Care Planning

This story from the American Medical Association's amednews.com says this approach could lead to improved care and comfort.


Hospice Care Instead of ED Visits Could Improve Quality of Life

Health Care Finance News reports on a new study about quality of life for those with life-limiting illness.


Love, Hospice Style

Reflections from Dr. Scott Miller, team physician at Family Hospice's Inpatient Center - Mt. Lebanon. Courtesy of the Allegheny County Medical Society Bulletin. (May 2012 issue) Read the column


"Best Care" May be Dying Well, Say Hospice, Palliative Docs

Recent books by two physicians point out the differences between living longer and living better. Read the story from USA Today.


Advance Care Planning: Important because you just "never know"

WTOL-TV in Toledo, OH featured this story about a family facing the stress of making decisions about a loved one's care without the benefit of advanced directives. Watch the story for an important example of the need for end-of-life planning.


It's Never Too Soon: Make Your Final Wishes Known

Glenn Braunstein, M.D., Chair of the Dept. of Medicine at Cedars-Sinai, draws upon personal experience to encourage advance care planning, in this article from The Huffington Post.


76% of Patients Neglect End-of-Life Care Planning

This article, from the American Medial Association's amednews.com, addresses the gap between those who believe it is important to plan for end-of-life care, and the actual number of those who have completed that planning process.


Our unrealistic attitudes about death, through a doctor's eyes

This opinion piece includes compelling historical perspective on the expectation of longevity and how society has become distanced from the dying process; from The Washington Post.


Running on Empty

Reflections from Dr. Scott Miller, team physician at Family Hospice's Inpatient Center - Mt. Lebanon. Courtesy of the Allegheny County Medical Society Bulletin. (Feb. 2012 issue) Read the column


A Normal Process

The New York Times ran an article about the possibility of re-classifying grief as a clinical diagnosis. This piece from The Daily Beast offers a different view.


Dr. Atul Gawande on the End-of-Life Care Debate

Dr. Gawande wrote a widely-circulated article last year called "Letting Go"; this interview from WBUR in Boston aired initially in Jan. 2011.


Conversation Many Doctors Won't Have

Some physicians are hesitant to have an end-of-life care conversation with their patients, as reported in this article from The New York Times.


Picture Perfect

Reflections from Dr. Scott Miller, team physician at Family Hospice's Inpatient Center - Mt. Lebanon. Courtesy of the Allegheny County Medical Society Bulletin. (Sept. 2011 issue) Read the column


Advance Directives Shape End-of-Life Experiences

This Web MD article explains how living wills may also help reduce healthcare costs. Pennsylvania Advance Directive forms are available on our Family Hospice website.


Questions you should ask when selecting a hospice provider

A tool for patients, caregivers and professionals from Caring Connections


Physicians training in palliative care

Sun-Sentinel.com reports on the rise of specialized palliative care training for physicians.


For the Dying, a Chance to Re-Write Life

This story from NPR profiles the man who developed the concept of "dignity therapy." Learn more about Family Hospice's version of dignity therapy: our life legacy and Quality of Life programs.


Hospice Care: Myths and Realities

From the Huffington Post, read and share this piece, separating fact from fiction related to hospice care.


Why Talking About End-of-Life Care is More Important Than Ever

This column from the Cleveland Plain Dealer offers a personal account of the benefits of hospice.


Hospice Improves Care for Dementia patients and their families

A recent study conducted by Brown University demonstrates the benefit of hospice care for dementia residents in nursing homes and their families.


Reaching out to Men Who Grieve

This piece from The New York Times explores the course of grief in men.


Siblings Join Forces to Help Parents Celebrate Life and Plan for Death

A family's thoughtful planning is chronicled in The Washington Post.


The 25 Documents You Need Before You Die

It isn't enough simply to sign papers establishing end-of-life instructions. You also have to make your heirs aware of important documents and where they can find them, as explained in this article from The Wall Street Journal.


Helping Terminal Patients Make Tough Choices

CBS Evening News reports that a new tool is helping patients and doctors change the way they look at end-of-life care.


The Big (and Profitable) Business of Dying

CBS MoneyWatch.com takes a look at care provided by non-profit vs. for-profit hospices.


Children and Grief

A reference tool from the American Academy of Child and Adolescent Psychiatry.


Understanding the Spiritual Needs of the Dying

In this article from the Hospice Foundation of America, patients' spiritual needs are explored.


Dying Man Becomes Hospice Volunteer

In this story from ABC News, learn how a man with chronic lung cancer answered the call to be a hospice caregiver.


Palliative Care Prolongs Life, Reduces Suffering

Read this story from USA Today, which explains how Palliative care plays a role in treating serious illness


Conversation Peace

Reflections from Dr. Scott Miller, medical director at Family Hospice's Inpatient Center - Mt. Lebanon. Courtesy of the Allegheny County Medical Society Bulletin. (Feb. 2011 issue) Read the column


More People Choosing Hospice at Life's End

Hospice offers control and comfort, as reported in this story from US News & World Report/HealthDay


Cancer Doctors Urge Earlier End-of-Life Care Talks

Patients have options, according to this story from HealthDay News


Making End-of-Life Decisions is Hard on Family Members

Read about the importance of advance directives, in this article from Kaiser Health News


When is it time for hospice?

A message from the National Hospice and Palliative Care Organization


End-of-Life Care for Patients with Advanced Dementia

The New York Times examines dementia as a life-limiting illness and asks critical questions regarding hospice care. Read the story


CBS News reports on End-of-Life care, November 2010.

Read the stories: Patients want more choices in end-of-life care End-of-life treatments may cause more suffering


The Heart of the Matter

Reflections from Dr. Scott Miller, medical director at Family Hospice's Inpatient Center - Mt. Lebanon. Courtesy of the Allegheny County Medical Society Bulletin. (Nov. 2010 issue) Read the column


A Final Cocoon: Dying at Home

The New York Times reports that 80 percent of Americans surveyed wish to die at home. Read the story


Quality-of-Life Care Must Start Right Away

An NYU School of Medicine Professor talks about having an important conversation with patients. Read the story

Letting Go A physician asks the question "What should medicine do when it can't save your life?" Read the story


Frank Talk About Care at Life's End

New York Gov. David Paterson has signed into law the Palliative Care Information Act. Read the story


Palliative Care Extends Life, Study Finds

A study shows that patients with a terminal diagnosis who receive palliative care experience less pain and more mobility. Read the story Learn about Family Hospice's Palliative Home Care Program


Alzheimer's Experts: Don't Hesitate to Get Paid Help

USA Today reports that experts say having no outside help can take a toll on patients and caregivers alike. Read the story

Learn about Family Hospice's Specialized Dementia Program


At the End of Life, They Offer Comfort

Parade magazine profiles the roles of hospice workers, June 20, 2010 Read the story


Study: Doctors delay communicating end-of-life care issues with terminally ill patients

A study finds that most doctors wait too long to discuss end of life care options, leading to misinformed choices on care. Read the story


Survey: 1 in 3 U.S. Adults is a Caregiver

About one in three adults in the United States cares for a loved one who is elderly, sick, or has special needs. And two out of three unpaid caregivers are women, a new report finds. Read the story


The Importance of End of Life Care Options

The Nov. 22, 2009 "60 Minutes" program featured a story about the high costs of dying in our country, including the fact that many ICU hospitalizations have no meaningful impact on end of life care. The story also points out how most patients and families are not made aware of options like hospice. Watch the report